How to use Friend Forms

Publisher i30 Media Corp. created FRIEND FORMS™ to help pet owners record and share the most important health, activity, and pedigree information about their furry companions! There are three types of forms:

  1. Canine Health Vitals. Tracks health vitals, such as collar and microchip numbers, vet contact info, worming history, medications, vaccines, and spaying/neutering history.
  2. Food & Activity Notes. Share food and activity preferences such as favorite toys, exercise notes, stressful situations, walking times, bathing notes, and feeding habits/preferred food.
  3. Pedigree Chart. Parent and grandparent breeds, breeder notes, littermate details.

For most dogs, this kind of data is located on old veterinarian receipts, shelter records, or even in their owners’ heads! By writing down this information and keeping it in the handy FRIEND FORMS™ organizer, it’s much easier to find that distemper vaccination date the new vet is asking for, or hand off a copy of the Food & Activity Notes to a caregiver before you go on vacation. If you’re interested in tracing your dog’s pedigree, the three-generation pedigree chart makes it easy to record basic facts about your dog’s lineage.

It takes minutes to fill out a single sheet. There are enough forms for several dogs, or you can copy information to a new sheet if your dog stays in more than one home or has multiple caregivers. The forms are printed in the USA on thick paper that will last for many years if stored in a dry place.